Vehicle Registration

vinJay bought a new truck last month. I had the paperwork and emailed our insurance agent with the VIN and details. This week I went in to get plates. I, fleetingly, thought about checking to make sure the VIN on the Title Complete Card that arrived in the mail matched the VIN on the insurance card.

Did I mention fleetingly?

Once it was my turn at the DMV, the agent immediately noticed that the VINs didn’t match. Turns out the VIN on the dealership paperwork was wrong. I should most definitely had gotten the VIN directly from the vehicle itself! And, of course, I didn’t have the truck with me. I was driving my car. Luckily, Jay was available and he took a picture of the VIN and sent it to me. I called our insurance agent with the correct VIN and she made corrections to the policy and emailed me a new proof of insurance, which I was able to access with my iPhone (still on life support). The DMV gal took me right away and I got the plates without any more problems. Probably added less than 30 minutes to the ordeal.

Listen to that little voice in your head! Why do I ever ignore it!!

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