Filing Amended 1040

taxesOur tax guy retired after doing our 2013 taxes and the guy who bought his practice was totally unresponsive to my emails. So, I bought TurboTax last year and did our own taxes. It was tricky to figure it out, but I think I got it right. I’m in the middle of doing our 2015 taxes and, to my dismay, when going through our past returns I discovered that our tax guy made a big mistake on our 1120S in 2013. Once fixed, we’ll be getting $3,100+ back in taxes. Trouble is, I don’t have the data files for 2013 and, even if he could send them to me, he used Drake software, not TurboTax. I emailed him and he emailed right back. But once he found out why I was contacting him, I haven’t heard back. And the guy he sold his practice to (who does have our data files) has told me he’ll file the amended return for free, if I use him to do our 2015 taxes. Aggghhhh!

I told him the truth – that I’m almost done doing our 2015 taxes, but might need him next year as we’re selling a rental. I’m hoping he offers to do the amendment for free or cheaply. All he’ll have to do is change one line on our 1120S and let the software refigure everything. Otherwise, I’ll have to do it which will involve lots of worksheets and so much brain damage…

So, yet another reason to do your own taxes, if at all possible! Tax accountants charge you a lot of money. And then they make mistakes. And then they retire or quit their practices.

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