Palm Beach Trip

palm beachJay and I went to Palm Beach last week. After our recent not-so-great trip to New Orleans, I was really careful about our plans and it paid off in spades!

At five days, our New Orleans trip was too long. Palm Beach was just right at three days. It was four nights, because we got in late and left early – not usually how I’d do it, but the fare was unbeatable ($256 round trip for both of us on Frontier) and the flight choices were limited.

In New Orleans we had a lot of fun going on a bike tour and we rented bikes in Palm Beach, too, biking the North Lake Trail and North Ocean Blvd. We walked along the beach, which was practically deserted. We didn’t rent a car in New Orleans and felt somewhat trapped. In Palm Beach we rented a car for about $15/day and drove Ocean Blvd to Delray Beach. It’s gorgeous and the mansions are unreal. We drove about 15 mins inland to the Wakodahatchee Preserve which was free and, I thought, totally awesome. Tons of birds, really nice boardwalk, turtles, alligators (more than we saw on an expensive airboat ride outside New Orleans)… I loved it.

Jay also used the car to get to the launch point for a day of kayak fishing. He hooked a sailfish but didn’t land it. 🙁 That would have been the crowning glory for him!

We stayed at a VRBO that was very well located. There was a Publix right down the street. We like to buy food so we don’t have to rely on going out to eat for every meal. The meals we did pay for were really good and we didn’t get sick of going out.

The Flagler museum was awesome. Unbelievably ornate and beautiful. When Jay was kayak fishing I walked the couple of miles to Worth Avenue, went to some antique and art stores, had a glass of wine and some mussels at an outdoor restaurant, under an umbrella while it rained a bit. Then I walked back via the Lake Trail and discovered the free and very pretty Society of the Four Arts sculpture garden. Somewhere, somehow, I lost my prescription glasses! I was wearing my sunglasses and probably hooked my regular glasses on my shirt front and they slipped off. Luckily, it was our last day and I had a spare pair at home. But now I need to get a new pair. 🙁

Palm Beach is rich and clean and beautiful. I would definitely go back. We are probably more suited to Jupiter or Boynton Beach or Delray Beach, should we ever decide to rent for a month or two.

We were really lucky that our flight back to Denver wasn’t canceled as there was a blizzard. And, though I find the Frontier flights uncomfortable, at least I was prepared this time. Forewarned is forearmed. I didn’t suffer (much).

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