Snowshoe Trip

IMG_1598A few weeks ago Jay decided to head up to Naylor to help our son out. He and a friend were up there for an ice fishing weekend and had lost something in the snow on their way up. Jay asked if I wanted to go. I was hesitant, not sure I’d be able to keep up with him snowshoeing up to the lake but, partly because I have “two snowshoe trips” on my 2016 TO DO list, I went.

Such a great decision. It was cold, but beautiful. And once you get going, you don’t stay cold for long. We weren’t able to find the lost item, but had a fabulous time and even caught a few fish. I had no trouble keeping up with him – on the way up. The way down was a different story. It always is. My knee started acting up, but I made it.

They say that writing your intentions down makes you more likely to keep them. I highly agree!!

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