147,600 Miles/Points Earned in 2015

Last year we earned 213,000 miles/points, recovering back to a balance of 300,000 miles/points.

This past year saw us switching to fee free, cashback cards and I just canceled a long held MileagePlus United card. Hence the reduction in miles earned.

Here’s a summary for the miles/points we earned in 2015:

Ink Bold – 46,756

MileagePlus – 32,384

Explorer – 68,461 (of which 10,000 were bonus miles)

Total: 147,601!

This year I’m anticipating even fewer miles, unless we get the Explorer card and its bonus miles for Jay. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping track of the cashback bonuses we earn with our new Bank of America cards. Last year we earned upwards of $440 because of the bonuses for signing up. And these cards have no annual fee, saving us another $90+.

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