Credit Card Shuffle

credit cardsWe’ve had a MileagePlus VISA for years. I think it was the only card around that still gave 2x miles for groceries. But the annual fee was expensive ($140) and I ran the numbers and decided that it wasn’t as cost effective as other cards. So I canceled it last month. Should have done it sooner.

I recently got Bank of America cashback cards for both Jay and I, earning a $200 bonus for each. There’s no annual fee and I’ve already earned an additional $75 cashback on mine. I pretty much use this card for everything, except online purchases, United airfare and foreign purchases. For those, I use the Explorer card (to get free checked bags, no foreign fees, and because they have a more robust, online dispute function – something I’m more likely to use with an online purchase than an in person purchase). This is the card two of our kids have and, hopefully, the third will get in a couple of months.

While I’ve started to focus more on cashback, no-fee cards, I still applied for another CHASE United mileage card for Jay last month. He got an application in the mail offering 50,000 bonus miles with no annual fee for the first year. I couldn’t pass it up. Not sure he’ll be approved but, if so, I’ll use it just enough to get the miles and then decide whether to keep it or not. We’re in good shape miles/points wise, with 450,000. And we’re not using that many miles these days. I’ve managed to get cheap enough flights to Calgary that I’m not tempted to use them. And when we fly to Florida and other places, it’s often on Frontier. Cheap – but OMG, so uncomfortable.

Finally, I just logged on to download our American Express year end statement. Our current card is going to be canceled soon, as Costco is ending their relationship with American Express. I was greeted with an invitation to apply for another no fee American Express card with a $300 bonus after spending $2,500. I applied and was immediately approved. Will most likely cancel this after getting the bonus, but maybe not, given that there’s no annual fee. I expect Costco will be contacting me soon to replace my American Express card with a Citibank card. Hope there’s a bonus connected with it, too. 😉

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