New Furniture

lazy boySo, our new furniture miraculously arrived in time for Christmas. I got a call from one store the week of Christmas that our sectional was in but, unfortunately, it couldn’t be delivered before the 25th. The sales person knew someone, however, who had a delivery service and he might be able to deliver it for us – for $125 vs. the $80 delivery fee the store charges. How convenient for her and her friend, but not for us! Luckily, my husband has a truck and he picked it up for free!!

I, subsequently, looked at the sales receipt he brought home and noticed that the sales person had added a service protection plan for $200 that I hadn’t remembered agreeing to. Luckily, I have a copy of the original sales receipt and, sure enough, it wasn’t there. So, I called and had her credit me $213. Very sleazy, if you ask me. Pay attention to the details!

But, I really love the sectional!

I had ordered two chairs from another store and they weren’t even supposed to be delivered to the warehouse until after the new year. But they arrived on the 24th! It all looks so nice and the room is much more functional. It was a big purchase, but I don’t regret or resent spending the money. I actually think that, when we go to sell, the house will show so much better that we’ll probably recoup some or all of the expense. The difference is that dramatic. And it’s not like we’ll be leaving the furniture if and when we move. 😉

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