yaktraxI was in Vail with some girlfriends the weekend before last. While there we went for a long, fantastic walk. It was cold, but not so cold that it was uncomfortable. It was snowing, but not windy. We made snow angels. 😉

The only trouble was that the snow and ice packed roads were slippery and you had to watch it. I’ve got winter boots with serious treads. But I still slipped a couple times, although I never went down. One of my friends did fall but, luckily, she wasn’t hurt at all.

I’ve noticed that, over the years, I’ve become increasingly, house bound during the winter. Although we live near a wonderful trail, I almost never walk it during the winter. I decided the other weekend that I was going to fix that. For Christmas, I’m getting winter wear. I’m getting warm gloves that aren’t big clunky ski gloves, good base layers (ie. top and bottom), socks, a winter hat and Yaktrax.

Yaktrax are like chains for your boots and work much like chains on tires do. They slip over the bottom of your shoes or boots and give you tons of traction. I found some at Sierra Trading Post (only $14.95) and tried them out yesterday when Jay and I walked the canal. Awesome!

I might even go skiing this winter. It’s been years…

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