Acknowledge Comfort

comfy bedNever before in the history of mankind have people been so comfortable. I’m speaking of those of us in 1st world countries, of course. I try to acknowledge this when I get into my warm, soft-yet-firm bed at night. Or when I get into the shower and hot water is there with the turn of a knob. Or I get into my ’07 Hyundai Elantra – with A/C and heat – which I can drive from home to store to work to the mountains…

None of the approximated 107 billion people who’ve ever lived have had such comforts. Not any king or queen in prior history. Not the majority of the approximately 7 billion currently on this earth.

Since the beginning of time and in many corners of the world today, human life has been defined by hunger, thirst, pain, exhaustion, disease, mourning, discomfort, fear, anxiety and any other manner of suffering you can come up with.

Think about it. Acknowledge it.

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