Christmas Letter 2015

xmas 2015I posted a couple of years ago about our Christmas “letter”. It’s actually a bunch of pictures, each with a brief caption. I used to create it using PowerPoint and then save it as a PDF. It took a lot of ink to print out. And then there’s the postage. It cost $1 to send something to Canada. Overall, it used to cost $200+ in postage.

A couple of years ago I embarked upon the task of getting email addresses for everyone on my list so I could email the “letter” to everyone. I have email addresses for 95% of the recipients.

It’s worked great! It costs next to nothing as I only send hard copies to the few people who don’t have email (ie. the 89-year-olds). I do feel a little bad that people have to use their own ink and paper if they want to print it out – although probably only my mom does that. 😉

I use the same “template” every year. And, as I accumulate pictures through the year, I copy some of them into a file for the Christmas letter. This makes it MUCH easier to put the letter together. (Hint: save pictures your kids post on Facebook; ask them to send you the picture they want you to use in the letter). The hardest part is finding one picture where both Jay and I are in it. Usually, one of us is taking the picture. And I delete 85% of the pictures with me in them, because I’m so un-photogenic! But I worry that people will think we’ve gotten divorced or only take separate vacations if I don’t include a picture with the two of us.

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