Last Month Until HDHP

hdhpWe’re heading into the home stretch in terms of getting everything we can get out of our current POS insurance with United Healthcare. On January 1 we’re being switched over to a HDHP plan. I’ve stocked up on every medication I could. And I’m trying to make sure to get as many doctor appointments made, as possible. Jay went to the audiologist and I’m going next week. I’ve also got dermatologist appointments for me, Rachel and Casey in December and will remind the kids to get new prescriptions for the skin creams they use. This will be the last time, for example, that Rachel gets one of her creams. We’ve paid $15 for it, but the out of pocket cost is closer to $800.

Jay’s been meaning to get a colonoscopy and I was in the process of getting it scheduled for him when we discovered that it’s free under Obamacare. I will have to call United to confirm whether it’s free under our HDHP program. If so, we’ll wait. Otherwise, we’ll get it scheduled for December. I am holding off scheduling other “preventive” appointments until the new year – annual physicals, OB/GYN checkups, etc. We’ve always had to pay a copay for these in the past, but not going forward.

It’s complicated to figure everything out! For example, under our POS plan an IUD was not covered and cost $800. I was SO mad about that. But, based on the call I made recently, IUDs are covered under the HDHP plan. We will figure it out as we go along, I’m sure.

There’s going to be a lot to figure out, too! I’ve got all the paperwork prepared to turn in for our monthly Fitness Center Reimbursement. I’m waiting for paperwork and debit cards from Optum Bank for our HSA account. I hope we end up saving money under this new plan vs. spending more…

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