Check Your Receipts

receiptI try to pay attention when cashiers are ringing up my purchases. But, all too often (and especially when there’s no line), I’m distracted. I’m loading merchandise onto the belt, or getting my coupons or credit card out. That’s what happened yesterday when I was buying wine and Jack Daniels at Rite Aid. I had also grabbed three Terry’s Chocolate Oranges to put in the kids stockings. Most years I’m running around trying to find them at the last minute. One year I got them something else and, sure enough, the kids were bummed. I hadn’t realized that they liked the tradition so much!

Anyway, last year I noticed that Rite Aid a) carried them, and b) they came on sale. So, yesterday I looked and, sure enough, they were marked down from $3.99 each to 2 for $5. The whole transaction was rushed and I was concerned that the box, balanced in the kid seat of the miniature cart, would fall, so I didn’t look at the receipt when it was handed to me. I just stuffed it into my purse. I was about to throw it away this morning, when that little voice made me take a look at it. The chocolate oranges were $3.99 instead of $2.50.


I’m not that irritated because I have to go back there today, anyway, to pick up two prescriptions (since I’m stocking up on meds before the end of the year). Also, I’m just glad I noticed. Better late than never.

The Jack Daniels, by the way, is regularly $47.99. I would never pay that since I can get it for $37.99 at Costco. But, this week it was $33.99 at Rite Aid. And I used a discount gift card, making it closer to $27! Last week I was in Calgary and I checked the price at the Co-op liquor store when I was getting a bottle of wine for a party. It was $75!! The Canadian dollar is at $.75 right now, but still….

I will remember to stock up on Jack the week of Thanksgiving next year. In fact, I put a note on my calendar. 😉

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