Birthday Cards

birthday cardsNovember is a big birthday month – our two sons, our niece here in Denver, and one of our nieces is Calgary. I’m not much into cards, especially spending $5 for one that’s going to immediately get tossed. I’d rather put that money towards a present.

It’s one thing if the card is the “event”, like when you send a sympathy card and your words are what you are sending, not a gift. Or if you’re sending a birthday check and need something to put it in. My mom sends our kids birthday cards with $50 in them. We just transfer money into their bank accounts. 😉 Plus, we celebrate their birthdays by taking them out for dinner, or having a birthday dinner at home. I don’t buy them cards. Our niece in Calgary is an adult – married, in medical school. I Facebook her a birthday message and, hopefully, will get to see her when I’m up there visiting. I do, however, buy presents and a card for our five-year-old niece here in Denver, as we always celebrate her birthday together. However, I always try to buy the card at Party City, as their cards are $1.

I’ve also discovered that I can buy very nice sympathy cards in packs of five at King Soopers. 🙁

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