Grocery Shopping

king soopers custom couponsI’m heading to King Soopers today. I spent 15 minutes going through this week’s insert online (Jay takes the paper in the morning, so I don’t see it until he gets home from work). I also loaded some digital coupons to my King Soopers card. The coffee I buy to make my yummy Vietnamese coffee every morning is a) on sale; and b) has a digital coupon. So, instead of paying $4.99 I’ll be getting it for $2.99. I think the digital coupon is good for each one I buy. Will have to double check that. It’s on sale until the end of the month, so I’ll probably stock up with 3 or 4 over the course of the month.

Oatmeal is also on sale. And I have coupons. So, I’m stocking up on that, as well.

King Soopers has also been having a promotion where, every week, you can get something for free if you load the coupon to your card. I’ve loaded the coupons, but have forgotten to get the free item. Today, I made a note to get the last two freebies – a pack of Oreo Thins and a 3 count K-Cup. I’ll give the Oreos to one of the boys and the K-Cups to our daughter.

I’m lucky to have the time to devote to saving. But, even when I worked (albeit part time) and had three small children, I clipped coupons and shopped sales. If helps if you consider it a hobby vs. a necessity (even if it is one). When you think of something as a hobby, it sounds and feels much less onerous! I probably save $100/mo on groceries alone doing this. And I’m not even shopping for a family anymore.

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