Buying New Furniture

lazy boySo, in addition to getting rid of stuff I’m also acquiring stuff. 😉 The loss of our friend has affected me deeply. I’m motivated to stop putting things off – in particular, finishing the decorating of our TV room and planning a trip. More about the trip later.

When we moved into this house we decorated on a budget. We bought a couple of inexpensive fake leather recliners for watching TV. Trouble is, we’re short of seating when there’s more than just Jay and I watching TV. And the room a) doesn’t look right, and b) isn’t comfortable for visiting. I want to have my critique group over, or other groups of my friends. It’s no wonder most of our entertaining over the past four years has been during the summer months, or has only involved family.

I hate shopping and the week I was shopping for a sectional was a misery. Too many options to deal with. Where should I get it? What configuration? Should it involve at least one recliner? What fabric? Should I get a matching love seat or chair? Once I settled this decision, and we settled on La-Z-Boy, I started to actually enjoy the process. They were having a 20% off sale and the price point was reasonable. I settled a four seater with a chaise on one end. No recliners as this dramatically increased the price, increased the size, and decreased the choices. I picked a fabric I think we’ll like.

Instead of getting a matching chair or love seat, we’re going to use an existing, nice, armless chair we got when we moved in. I’ll find a coordinating chair, hopefully the same manufacturer and model. We need a coffee table for the sectional and a table to go between the two chairs. We already have a side chair table and a console that we got when we moved and that match the entertainment center. So, rather than starting from scratch, I decided to see if we could find the coffee table and end table from the same collection. Unfortunately, American Furniture Warehouse doesn’t carry them anymore. But they are available from a number of online sources.

In a flash of sheer brilliance, I decided to check Craigslist. Half the furniture on it is from American Furniture Warehouse. I found the exact coffee table I wanted and got it for $110. It retails for 3-4 times that.

We need a couple more rugs. And we want a big tapestry for the huge wall that leads downstairs. Right now I have a collection of interesting framed wallpaper. I like them and will move them into the guest room. But they were never intended to be a permanent solution. Same with the recliners. They will get moved downstairs and we’ll sell or give away the couple of recliners that we inherited from Jay’s dad when he died.

I’m guessing the room will be ready early in the new year. I’d love to have the sectional in time for Christmas, but am not counting on it. Now I need to get on top of finding the rugs and tapestry and chair and table. I’ll be watching Craigslist and RubyLane for the tapestry, and finding the least expensive sources for the rugs, chair, and table. I don’t think I’ll have any luck getting them second hand. But, you never know…

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