Getting Rid of Stuff

goodwillWe recently helped a friend who was moving and it involved taking lots of stuff to Goodwill. As in truckloads. When I got home I was seized with a maniacal resolve to purge. I couldn’t sleep and got up at midnight to go through some drawers in my office before going back to bed. I woke up at 5:53 and continued, resulting in nine bags of things (clothes, knick knacks, blankets, garbage) to either throw out or take to Goodwill. I wasn’t willing to wait for the next time a truck was in our area and hauled it to the closest location. (Of course, I noted the donation for tax purposes.)

Afterwards, I went through my “collectibles” (all of which were actually gifts either given before getting married or as wedding presents). I decided on a couple to take with me to Calgary in November, as gifts, and took pictures of the rest and posted them on Craigslist. I recently sold a few Hummels this way. I’d rather have $75 than collectibles wrapped in newspaper sitting in a box. None of our kids will be interested in them.

Go to an estate sale or help someone with too much stuff move and you’ll be bitten by the same bug to purge!

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