Belated King Soopers Coupons

king soopers custom couponsIt’s been a rough ten days. We lost a dear friend and spent the majority of a week grieving, while trying to help out her husband prepare for an already planned for move, and get through the visitation and funeral. I didn’t cook much, skipped yoga and work and am now looking at trying to get back to normal. Or at least as normal as possible – I can’t, and don’t want to, believe Melanie is gone.

Last week, I spent a lot of money buying food platters and flowers at King Soopers – things I rarely buy. So, when I finally opened a stack of mail yesterday and saw that there were coupons for the deli and the flower sections I decided to see if I could present them belatedly at the customer service desk last night when I zipped over to get milk. I didn’t have my receipt, unlike the last time I tried something like this, but it didn’t matter. They gave me the $3.50 value of the coupons.

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