paypalAlthough I don’t use it often, I’ve found that PayPal has come in handy a couple of times recently. I really appreciate its currency flexibility, especially when I’m dealing with Canadian dollars or Mexican pesos (as I now have a brother living in Mexico). And I like that I can choose which bank account to deposit money into.

I also almost resorted to using it just last week when a tenant’s rent check didn’t show up. I know she sent it, as she’s the world’s most reliable tenant. Even if there hadn’t been many reports of mail stolen from mailboxes, I would never have doubted her. When her second check seemed to not be arriving, we agreed that we’d wait one more day and, if it didn’t show up, she’d pay via PayPal.

Luckily, it showed up. But I’m going to pitch the idea of using PayPal (or QuickPay) in the future – to her and the rest of our tenants who aren’t already paying by automatic deposit.

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