Sierra Trading Post

sierra trading postA Sierra Trading Post opened up close to us last year. At first I wondered how it would stay in business. It wasn’t a company I was familiar with and it was pretty empty of customers the day I dropped by.

However, now that I’ve actually shopped there (in store and online) I feel differently. First of all, it’s pretty busy these days. And, secondly, their prices are great. I get a “DealFlyer” almost every day with discounts and free shipping, or $.99 shipping, or $1.99 shipping – depending on the day. I hate to pay for shipping. It’s free if you have it shipped to the store and pick it up – something I’ve yet to do.

Yesterday, I went in to return some work/hunting clothes I got for Jay’s birthday. I bought them in store, but the pants were too short so I reordered them online. (The Dickies work pants cost less than $11 online, after using a discount made available to me, about $5 cheaper than in the store!)

After I returned everything I looked around for myself. I ended up finding a pair of jeans and two quarter zip pullovers. When I got home, I searched online for the same items, to see if there were additional colors or if the prices were cheaper. Since I was able to use one of their DealFlyers, I was again able to get the items for less online. And sales tax was 4.25% vs. the 7.2% I paid in the store. I paid $.99 to have everything shipped to my house since it was a big order and it’ll be much more convenient to try everything on at home and then decide what to keep and what to return. Chances are, I’ll return the majority of the items. And I’m betting that I have to reorder some of them in a different size. But it’s not that inconvenient if I can do it all from home and then just do the returns on my way to or from work. I’ll be thrilled if I end up with some clothes that I like. Especially at this price!

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