Forgot to Use King Soopers Coupons

king soopers custom couponsThey didn’t have Garam Masala and the checkout gal called a very nice East Indian clerk over who told me the recipe for making it myself. In the meantime I was distracted and forgot to present my coupons. Grrrr.

I kept my receipt and the next time I was in the store I went to customer service with my coupons and receipt (she asked for my King Soopers card, too) and rang up the coupons and credited my credit card. It didn’t take two minutes. Was it worth the $3?


I found Garam Masala at Whole Foods instead of making it from scratch. I would have had to spend more to buy the ingredients than to just buy it already made and I would have ended up with lots of spices I might not ever use. I’m loathe to throw spices out, but don’t want to end up with a 25-year-old bottle of cardamon. The Chickpea Chicken Tikka Masala I made was excellent. But not as good as the Chicken Marsala I made last night. This weekend I’m making lamb kebabs.

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