Chase QuickDeposit and QuickPay

chase quick payI’ve recently switched a lot of my banking from US Bank to Chase and have been using Chase’s QuickDeposit app on my iPhone like crazy. It’s great, especially since they increased the monthly deposit limit! No more driving to the bank to deposit checks. But it’s not as convenient as getting paid by QuickPay where someone can send you money electronically. That’s the best.

I even figured out how to send money from our Chase account to our other bank accounts. It’s complicated having so many bank accounts, but each one has a purpose. The Chase account was originally opened about eight years ago when we got HELOCs on some rentals. One was opened very recently because we were able to get a HELOC from UMB on our primary residence. The others are all “legacy” accounts, meaning we’ve had them forever and the kids have accounts at the same bank, making it quick and easy to transfer money back and forth.

I really like all the features Chase offers. I use their credit cards to get miles. I have alerts set so I see every purchase made. (This came in handy when someone in Turkey hacked my friend’s Facebook which led them to hack her email account and find my credit card number which I had, stupidly, sent to her when she was booking hotels for a group of us going on a cruise. I won’t do that again!) You can set international travel alerts from their website, without having to call and speak to someone. You can dispute charges online. Their bill pay function is simple and easy to use. I guess you could say I’m a pretty happy customer.

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