Returning Jacket

calvin klein jacketWe were in Boulder Saturday and Saturday night celebrating Parents’ weekend at CU. Party, party, party.

It was chilly, so I was glad I brought a jacket. Jay got me a nice Calvin Klein down puffer jacket at Macy’s a couple of Christmases ago. It was expensive, especially since he probably a) didn’t get it on sale, b) didn’t use a coupon, and c) didn’t use a discount gift card. When we got home Saturday night I noticed that the zipper was broken. I probably haven’t worn the jacket 20 times! No way is this OK. I couldn’t find the Macy’s receipt – probably because Jay threw it out. But, luckily, I had kept the tags, which include the return label sticker. There’s a reason I keep receipts and/or labels!! I should be able to return/exchange the jacket using this. They don’t carry the exact jacket anymore, but there’s one that’s very similar.

Here’s hoping I’m successful.

Update: I returned the jacket, no problem. And I bought another one they had on sale.

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