Amazon Prime

amazon primeI caved in and subscribed to Amazon Prime last month. Such an extravagance ($99) and highly unusual for me. However, I figured I could try it for a year and cancel if I didn’t think it was worth the cost. Since I pretty much never pay shipping costs, I’ve always had to group my purchases so that I hit the $35 level. With Prime, I don’t have to do this. The two day shipping has come in handy these past few weeks. I ordered a book that arrived in time for my friend’s birthday and some items that will arrive (just) in time for two family birthdays.

I’m expecting our daughter to use it, too. She routinely pays shipping fees.

I know I’ll use it around Christmas, too. Prices are often cheaper on Amazon than I can get elsewhere. And I often don’t have to pay sales tax. It’s unlikely I’ll save $99 – but I might find the convenience worth it.

Time will tell.

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