Charitable Donations

charitable donationsI did the Alzheimer’s walk with a couple of my friends on the weekend, in honor of one of their dads, who passed away last month. My father didn’t have Alzheimer’s, but he had dementia, so I was walking in honor of him, too. 🙁

There was no fee for registration but donations were, of course, hoped for. Rather than donate via the Alzheimer’s site, I donated $50 through my husband’s company’s site. They match donations of $50+ and it’s much easier to use their site than make the donation elsewhere and then submit paperwork.

I have a few loose rules for making charitable donations. If possible, I wait until the end of the year. This isn’t a biggie, but your tax break comes when you file your income taxes, so a donation made in December yields quicker results than one made in January. I almost always choose to donate to organizations that qualify for my husband’s company’s matching program, which is pretty comprehensive. I prefer to pay by credit card, to get the miles. And I always document the donation, even if it’s just $1 to the Children’s Miracle Network drive at Costco, or the Boy Scout in front of King Soopers. I want to limit the taxes I pay in every way possible!

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