Another ER Visit

doctorThat makes four ER visits so far this year. Our daughter, who has asthma, was sick. Jay and I went to visit her in Boulder Saturday night. Brought her a nebulizer, albuterol, an inhaler, and Advair. She was only marginally better Sunday. We paid $175 for her to be on the health care plan at CU, but Wardenburg isn’t open on the weekends. I suggested she go to Urgent Care where we have a $15 copay. But, by the time she got some homework done and called the closest one at 3:45, they were about to close.

So, I told her to go the the ER. Turns out she has bronchitis. Between that and the asthma her breathing was really tight and her chest hurt. They put her on prednisone. It will only cost us $75 for the visit because we haven’t yet been switched to the High Deductible plan. And the prednisone will only be $15 (or less).

Boy, am I dreading next year!

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