Kellogg’s Coupons

kelloggs couponI just finished printing off another coupon for $1.00 off two Kellogg’s cereals. Awhile back I registered with Kelloggs Family Rewards ( and I’ve been taking advantage of their coupon offers ever since. I print them on scrap paper or old stationery.

I think I’ll buy the cereal (Bran Flakes) next time I go to Target. Their Bran Flakes are cheaper than at King Soopers and the email I got from Kellogg’s says that I’ll get a $5 Target gift card if I buy five participating Kellogg’s items. Hopefully, Bran Flakes are a participating item and I’ll be able to a) use the coupon, and b) get the $5 gift card. If they aren’t, I’ll just get two boxes in order to use the coupon.

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