Tracking Costco Sales

costcoEarlier this year I decided to keep track of Costco’s sales cycles. No sense buying sponges or trash bags at full price. Their coupon book arrives once a month and I quickly go through it and note any items I purchase. On a spreadsheet, of course! I’ve also taken to keeping my Costco receipts. This came in handy yesterday. A month or two ago I bought Q-tips. They weren’t on sale. But they’re on sale in September, for $2 off. So, I brought my old receipt with me yesterday, bought Q-tips, and immediately returned them using the old receipt. If it took 45 seconds I’d be surprised!

Hint: avoid Costco the first Fri-Sun of each coupon cycle. This month, their sales start date was September 3rd. That’s a Thursday. Not sure how the crowds would be on a Thursday. But I can tell you that Friday would have been crazy crowded. And I’m not into crowds.

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