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taxesOur tax accountant, John, notified us at the end of 2014 that he had sold his practice. The new guy sent us a letter. And he called Jay at work. And then nothing. He proceeded to not respond to my email requests that he send us a tax organizer so we could get all our info to him. Deadlines for filing quarterly reports passed. Nothing.

Finally, I sent him an email, cc’ing our original tax guy, saying I was getting impatient. That prompted him to email (vs. snail mail) me a tax organizer – which would entail me printing out all 20+ pages. Less than a day later he sent me an email, in broken English, wondering (pestering) me to see if I’d received it.

Hmmm – you don’t respond to me for months yet want instant feedback from me?!

Guess what?! It was a week from hell (not really) but I figured out how to do the taxes myself. It was tricky given the fact that I’m self-employed and we have a bunch of rental properties and two kids still in college. But, guess what?! TurboTax walks you through it. Between that and going through our returns/paperwork for the past few years to see how John did it – I’m pretty confident that I got it right. And I kept copious notes to make it easier next year.

I was even able to figure out how to file our quarterly reports. I figure we’ll save close to $1,000/year now. I’ve been wanting to transition back to doing our own taxes. He made it easy by practically forcing me to do it myself!

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