Another Credit Card Dispute

explorer card

I have alerts set up on my credit cards for basically every single charge. But I also check my card charges online every week or so. And I always check to make sure credits show up. 😉

Last week, a booked a trip to Florida on United using my Explorer card. The next day I noticed that United had charged me twice for the trip. Luckily, you can dispute charges online with the Explorer card. It’s easier than having to call them. Within a few hours a customer service rep called me to let me know that the 2nd charge would be reversed while they investigated.

I’m a little alarmed that this happened in the first place. I’ve never had this happen with United before. But, I’m optimistic it will stay resolved with both them and Chase. I’m pretty vigilant, so it’s unlikely that I wouldn’t have caught this. But, honestly, I know people who don’t go through their statements carefully and something like this, especially if you charged lots and were used to big numbers, could easily be missed.

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