Digital Calendar

online calendarMy transition to a digital calendar is complete. It’s easy to maintain and update by simply copying and pasting entries from one week/month to the next. And it’s going to be a useful memory jogger. For example on Presidents’ Day I noted two things I often wonder about – it’s a holiday for Jay and the trash does get picked up. Next year, I will transfer these reminders and, hopefully, we’ll remember to put the trash out on Monday rather than Tuesday. 😉

I also like the following:

– I won’t be buying calendars any more
– I won’t have to keep old ones in a drawer
– I won’t have to wait until stores deem it necessary to finally stock next year’s calendars to get one. In the past, they are never in stores as early as I’d like.
– it doesn’t take up any space on my already messy desk, just my “desktop”

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