Today I Got My American Express Cash Reward Coupon

This is different than the Costco rebate. This is the Reward Coupon that comes from using your American Express. We have the True Earnings card.

A couple of years ago it was only $9.02. But that’s because I’d been buying Costco cash cards online to get points. For awhile I could buy them using the Vanilla Visas I was buying at Office Depot with my Ink card, racking up 5x points per dollar. But, alas, that ended and I was back to using my American Express card at Costco.

Anyway, last year my Reward Coupon was for $97.27 and this time it was for $104.81. As I posted before, it’s a no brainer!

One thought on “Today I Got My American Express Cash Reward Coupon

  1. Just to clarify – on a post i’ve seen you write, purchases made at costco USING a cash card as payment ARE ACCEPTED on your rewards check. So say you spend $50 on milk and $100 on a costco gift card. The $100 gift card you bought wouldnt be counted, but the $50 in milk would be counted towards your rewards check.

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