King Soopers Personal Prices

personal pricesEvery month or so I get an email from King Soopers suggesting I sign up for digital coupons on specific products that I frequently buy. These “My Personal Prices” are usually good for the month. This month, for example, I get bananas for $.39/lb, Barilla Pasta for $.89, and Land O’ Lakes Half and Half (1 qt) for $2.59.

I’ve saved $17.61 since the program began not too long ago.

Yesterday, they were out of the Land O’ Lakes Half and Half. I didn’t want to buy the other brand, which is more expensive than the regular Land O’ Lakes price, let alone the Personal Price. The dairy “guy” told me to tell the clerk that he (Travis) said I could have the other brand for the $2.59 and the clerk was perfectly fine with that.

So, my $17.61 in savings is actually closer to $19, because that particular purchase isn’t reflected.

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