An Inexpensive Get Together

wash perkA group of us try to get together at least once a month to do something. We call it “We Women”. Some of the “events” are expensive – like a week in Florida (although we stay at one of the gal’s vacation home, making it a deal (but still expensive)). Some of the “events” are moderately priced – like going to an exhibit at the Denver Art Museum ($27) followed by lunch ($20).

And some are downright cheap (or free).

Last Friday three of us met for a walk at Washington Park – free. When it was over, my friend mentioned that she thought there was a good coffee shop, named Wash Perk, nearby. None of us had ever been. It was a short ways away, about .5 mile, so we walked there and back. One of the best cups of coffee ever!! I was starving, so I had a scone, as well. In the future, however, I’ll know our outing will include going for coffee and I’ll have a bite beforehand. For about $5, a walk and great cup of coffee is a cheap and fun outing.

I’m hoping we can do it every month. The weather in Denver is so great can almost always find mild days in the middle of winter. The trick in the summer is to get your walk in before it gets too hot!

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