I Think I Want a FitBit

fitbitI’m not much of a gadget person, but I think I want a FitBit. 😮 My birthday is coming up in a little over a month, and there’s nothing much on my want/need list. In the meantime I will ponder it.

And, I’ll see how much I can get one for. I’m looking at the Fitbit Charge. They retail for $129.99 pretty much everywhere they’re carried. I can’t easily avoid sales tax as most of the places selling them have brick and mortar stores in Denver – which is fine, since I’ll want to get it locally in case there’s a problem or I want to return it.

I will probably get it at either Bed, Bath and Beyond or Sports Authority. I can go to TOPCASHBACK and then buy discount gift cards for either store at
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And I have coupons for both stores. The Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon is for 20% off. The Sports Authority coupon (from the Entertainment book) is for $20. Depending on the discount I get on the gift card, I’ll probably be paying between $92 and $95 (before tax) instead of $129.99. That’s a pretty decent savings!

I’m leaning towards getting it at Bed, Bath and Beyond because I shop there pretty regularly. If, for any reason, I return the FitBit, I will end up with a gift card and a gift card from Bed, Bath and Beyond is more valuable to me than one from Sports Authority.

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