Know Local Mailbox Locations

mailboxDo you know where local mailboxes are located? Not necessarily at the post office, unless that happens to be as convenient location as any, but mailboxes located near businesses/places you regularly go to.

Years ago I put a check in our mailbox, setting the red flag up for our mailman. Then we went on vacation. By the time we got back someone had stolen the check out of the mailbox, called our bank to verify funds (possibly numerous times), “washed” the check and rewrote it to themselves for as much money as possible ($5,000).

It took weeks to get resolved. An investigator came to our house. The bank at first “loaned” us the money before making it official. Our account had to be closed and a new one opened. It was a massive pain in the butt. And, ultimately, the bank took the hit on the $5,000.

Since then, I’ve rarely put mail in our mailbox, especially if it contained a check. Luckily, with online bill pay, I rarely have to write checks anyway. I now try to pay attention when I notice a mailbox somewhere on my regular route. There’s one at the library. There used to be one at the rec center I go to (and now work at), but that disappeared last year. There’s one a mile away that I pass almost every day. And I noticed last week that there’s a new one outside Costco, somewhere I go almost every week.

Knowing where a number of convenient, easy-to-access mailboxes are means I don’t have to put mail out for our mailman to get. And, based on what I’m doing on a particular day, it’s easy for me to plan where to drop it off at.

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