Checking Expiration Dates

expiration dateHaving just returned from a visit home I am, once again, reminded to check the expiration dates on the food in our pantry. This, after finding that the mushroom soup I planned to use in a recipe I was making while up there expired in 2011.

I’m not saying that food has to be thrown out the second it’s past the expiration date – like at least one of my kids seems to feel. 😉 However, I do not want any of them to stumble upon cans that expired four years ago, let alone four decades ago – something my friend discovered last summer when clearing out her father’s house.

I don’t like waste. And we waste very little. But I did find, and throw out, a can of beets and a container of beef stock. Other than that, everything is well within its expiration date, and are all items that I will unquestionably use in the coming months. My pantry does not overfloweth, something I may regret it in the event of a nuclear war…

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