Travel Travails – part 2

unitedI posted about my recent trip to Calgary the other day. My flight back to Denver, on Monday, was cancelled due to weather. I was at a movie when the text came on my iPhone. They provided me a link to their website, but no phone number to call. It’s not that easy to navigate the internet on a small screen and, like many companies, United does everything to keep you from actually calling them. Finding an actual customer service phone number is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Anyway, I did manage to call and after about $50 in roaming charges I was able to rebook on a flight the next day. Note to self: bring enough meds for an extra day or two. (Some family members lost their passports in Egypt a few years back. This was shortly before Christmas and the embassy was closed a lot. Their trip was extended by TEN days before they were able to get the passports replaced and get home. And it was almost longer than that.)

Tuesday morning the roads were terrible. I didn’t want to leave for the airport until I knew the aircraft I was flying on was actually going to arrive. It originated in Denver that morning and I had already made sure that it had arrived in Denver from Detroit Monday night. It kept getting delayed out of Denver, waiting for an inbound crew which, subsequently, was delaying my 11:46 am flight out of Calgary. But I was still expected to arrive at the Calgary airport an hour before my flight was “supposed” to take off.

That’s crazy!!

The road conditions were atrocious. The weather was bad. Why would I risk leaving for a flight when there was a reasonable chance it would be delayed or cancelled? Anyway, we headed out the minute we saw that the flight had actually taken off from Denver. I got to the airport more than an hour before my flight was supposed to leave, but not with much time to spare. Of course, I had tons of time before it actually left…

Lesson #2 – keep the airline’s customer service number handy.

Lesson #3 – bring meds for extra days.

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