New Year, New Spreadsheets, New Lists

net worth spreadsheetI’m such a nerd. I have spreadsheets/lists for everything. And every new year I create new ones for all the things I measure:
yearly medical expenses
credit card activity
net worth
yearly goals
entertaining details
recreation reimbursement program

As I’ve posted before, you manage what you measure. Without my lists and spreadsheets, I’d be much less on top of our finances. I wouldn’t be nearly as informed about what a change to a High Deductible Health Plan will mean for us (something Jay’s company is hinting at). I wouldn’t be on top of which credit cards are the most valuable to me. I’d forget who we had over for dinner or a party and when and what I prepared. And I’d definitely forget a lot of the good ideas for things to do that I come up with or hear about.

I like order. Many things are out of my control, but being able to exercise a decent level of control over certain things empowers me. It saves us money. And it routinely makes my life easier. I consider it one of my hobbies and that way it doesn’t seem nearly as nerdy. 😉

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