213,000 Miles/Points Earned in 2014

Last year we earned 161,000 miles/points. But we used up SO many miles in 2013 that, we ended up going from a balance of almost 500,000 down to 167,000.

I figured it would take a full year to get back up to my comfort level of having a balance of 300,000 miles/points. I was right. But, we managed to get there and we even had enough to spare so I could book a post-Christmas trip to Calgary using miles. 😉

Here’s a summary for the miles/points we earned in 2014:

Ink Bold – 36,681

MileagePlus – 35,613

Explorer – 50,830 (of which 10,000 were bonus miles)

Sapphire card for me – 46,103 (of which 40,000 were bonus points)

Sapphire card for Jay – 44,031 (of which 40,000 were bonus points)

Total: 213,258!

Our spend of $81,624 was about $6,300 less than last year, but we earned around 52,000 more miles/points thanks to the bonus points from our Sapphire cards. Next year, I hope our spend will be even less – though I’m not sure it will be as I’m switching a couple of large payments from online checks to our credit cards. I’m certain we’ll accumulate fewer miles/points as I’ll be waiting another year to try and apply for new Sapphire cards. Hence, there will only be our usual 10,000 bonus miles from our Explorer card.

I’m also contemplating cancelling our MileagePlus card. It’s an old card and I’ve been reluctant to cancel it as it’s the only United card that gives you 2X miles for groceries and restaurants. For the two of us it costs $140/year for card fees and I have to decide if the 12,000 extra miles we earn are worth it. I’m leaning towards no. It doesn’t renew until April, so I have awhile to think about it and won’t cancel until then, anyway.

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