Paying Homeowners Insurance by Credit Card

homeowners insuranceSome time ago I posted that Denver county started to accept credit card payments for property taxes in 2014. I’m hoping that Arapahoe county follows suit. In the meantime, about 18 months ago I had made a request to the company that holds our mortgage to allow us to pay our homeowner’s insurance by credit card vs. them escrowing it for us. I want the miles!

Our mortgage was relatively new, having a) just bought the house in 2011, and b) having refinanced within the first year. They told us they needed us to have made a full year’s payments before considering.

So, I resent my request a month or so ago and, voilà, last week I received a letter saying they were no longer escrowing insurance or property taxes. Now I really hope Arapahoe county starts allowing credit card payments for property insurance! Without the escrows, our monthly payment drops more than $800. Yowza – our property taxes are high!

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