Spiral Ham for $1

cheap hamI’ve posted before about getting meat that has been improperly priced before. It rarely happens, but I’m always on the lookout – just in case the clerk made a mistake labeling the meat.

Well, it happened again this week. I was at Costco and was checking out the spiral hams. The price was $2.49/lb and I was hoping to find a small one. However, they were all somewhere around 10 lbs and $25/each. I really only checked a handful of labels, looking for the smallest one, when I turned over a label that read $1.

Yup! $1 for a .4 lb ham – except it was every bit as big as all the other hams. Easily 10+ lbs! I put it in my cart, wondering if the clerk would have something to say about it.

I looked at a few more labels, but didn’t see any more mistakes. (Lest you think that I would go through all 100+ hams in the section, I’m not that fervent (especially about ham). Plus, I hurt my shoulder recently and am not about to mess with it further by hoisting 10 lb hams around.)

Anyway, the clerk didn’t even notice the abnormal price when I checked out.

I was tickled!

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