VSP Benefits

vspI’ve posted about maximizing VSP benefits before. It’s pretty straightforward when it comes to Jay and I, but it does get tricky with the kids. Or should I say “kid” as both the boys are no longer covered now that they are over 23.

Rachel got contacts early this year and we used her benefit for those. I’m not sure I’d do the same next time, as contacts at Costco are much better priced. Plus, she then proceeded to lose her glasses and we had to replace them just last month. We got them at Costco. Lenses and frames came to $98. Not bad. I wasn’t sure we’d get anything from VSP since we’d done the contacts fairly recently, but I filled out the paperwork and sent it in. Yesterday, I got a check from them for $25 for the lenses.

So, it was definitely worth doing. Now, I just have to get Jay to make an appointment to see the ophthalmologist. He’s way overdue. In fact, I take back what I said earlier about it being easy keeping track of Jay’s benefits. It’s hard to get him to actually take advantage of them. He’s too busy and it’s like herding a cat!

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