Freezing Milk

free milkJay and I went to Mexico recently. Rather than come home to spoiled milk Jay put his jug of skim milk in the freezer. He thawed it in the fridge when we got back. He’s not too picky and said it was just fine.

I, on the other hand, am really picky. And I don’t (won’t/can’t) drink skim milk. In fact, I don’t like milk enough to drink it and pretty much only use it on oatmeal or cereal. And I use half and half. Luckily, the higher the fat content, the longer it lasts in the fridge. So, my half and half was still perfectly fine after a week in Mexico.

It occurred to me that freezing milk would be a good way to save money. Milk prices have gone WAY up recently. I think the regular price of King Soopers’ cheapest brand is $3.59/gallon these days. It goes on sale for $1.99 a couple times/month and I plan on buying an extra gallon or two to freeze. I’ll try it out and see if the strategy works for us.

I Googled the topic of freezing milk just to make sure it’s legit. The lower the fat content, the better the result. Hence, freezing the skim that Jay drinks works best. Shaking the container, post thawing, before each use helps to resolve any consistency issues. Also, liquids expand when frozen, so make sure the jugs are not full.

If Jay has any complaints about it, I won’t bother. Of course, if I let him know that I’m saving 50% off the price he probably won’t have any complaints!

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