Christmas Books – Again

amazonIt’s that time again! Last year I purchased my Christmas books at and posted that I would try to be organized enough in ’14 to buy the books earlier and buy them from where they are substantially cheaper (eg. The Stone Carvers is $10.07 US vs. $15.16 CDN). Plus, I don’t get hit with GST (Canada’s goods and services tax). Plus, I can use Amazon gift cards purchased at a discount online, or at Office Max, using my Ink BOLD to earn 5x points – things I cannot do if I buy from I’m betting I’ll save at least $30-$40 this year.

I don’t think I’m going to Calgary until January this year, so they will be belated Christmas presents. And they should all fit in my suitcase, which I can check for free when I pay with my Explorer card.

I’ve started my list and have added some of the books into my cart in preparation. I’m buying a couple for one of our sons. One of them is a large coffee table book and I’m going to buy it used, at a considerable discount (ie. $7 vs. $26). It will leave more money for his other presents (or cash). 😉

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