Reused a Jiffy Lube Groupon

grouponA number of months ago I bought a Jiffy Lube Groupon so our daughter could get her oil changed. I noticed that it was never marked as “Redeemed” and figured I’d try to use it to get my oil changed before it expired. Well, I’m still a month away from needing oil – but our son needed to get his oil changed. He was going to do it himself, but decided to try out the Groupon instead. The Groupon is for a conventional oil change and he wanted to upgrade to synthetic, which they let him do. It ended up being cheaper than doing it himself.

It’s still not marked as redeemed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use it before it expires. Plus, as long as they don’t redeem it, it will continue to be worth it’s $21 face value.

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