Frontier Fly Bucks

frontier fly bucksBack in September we went up to Boulder for CU’s Family Weekend. We just went up for the day and it was GREAT! The weather was glorious and we had so much fun. Three days would have been complete overkill. Less is more. Lucky for us, it’s a quick drive. Another reason to be glad our kids all went/go to in state colleges!

Anyway, on our way out of the football game they were handing out Frontier Fly Bucks cards. Each one was worth between $10 and $50 off your next Frontier flight. We just happened to be booking a trip and were flying Frontier. I registered the cards and each was worth $30. When I booked our flights, I booked each of them separately so I could apply a discount to each vs. just $30 if I booked them together.

I’m good with saving an extra $60 any day of the week!

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