Replaced a Plate and Some Cutlery

ikea dishesA couple of weeks ago I decided to use actual dinnerware and cutlery whenever we were entertaining 12 or fewer. I’ve been using nicer plastic plates and cutlery from Party City and would like to save the approx $10 it costs every time I do this.

Earlier in the year I purchased some IKEA place settings I was really pleased with. Well, one of the dinner plates went missing. Not sure how or where. Our daughter was back for summer break and had some friends living with us off and on. I checked under all the beds and the couch downstairs. No plate.

I emailed any friends and family I may have left it at. No plate.

So, I decided to go back to IKEA and buy one. I bought three, just in case.

I also counted up our flatware. I bought place settings for 12 a number of years ago. Since then we had lost 5 cereal spoons, 4 salad forks and more. I went online and was able to find place settings for four for $32. I’m still short a cereal spoon, which I will either find or buy separately some day.

Now I can set the table for 12 (minus one small spoon) and, for once, everything will match!!

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