Stain Devils – The Best!

stain devilsI posted about Stain Devils awhile ago, when I saved a shirt of Jay’s that had a red wine stain. At our recent FAC, our friend got red wine on his polo shirt and I sent some of the Stain Devil powder home with his wife. It worked and she immediately bought some.

There are nine formulas in all and I now have all but one. The new ones all seem to be liquid, which is even more convenient (although not so easy to send home with someone in a baggy in a baggy).

Yesterday, I used it to get a long dried blood stain out of a shirt. It worked perfectly. I have yet to try the formula for cooking oil and grease. I’ve ruined SO many shirts while cooking or baking (or eating for that matter).

I’ve got a link on the left of the page to buy Stain Devils on Amazon. Definitely something to have on hand. In fact, I’m thinking that the whole set would be a really nice gift or stocking stuffer for a newlywed, or a young person getting their first apartment…

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