FAC Success

patio partyOur FAC from two weeks ago was a smashing success. 🙂 Twelve of our friends and a couple of their young kids came. It poured like crazy, keeping the party inside for much of the time. But that didn’t seem to matter. I made Sangria – always a huge hit. And I made sure to remind everyone not to drink too much of it. It packs a punch that can really take you by surprise!

Everyone brought something. In addition, I seared some Ahi and served it with soy sauce and wasabi, cooked up some coconut shrimp from Costco, and made my killer ice cream dessert (chocolate cake on the bottom, coffee ice cream, fudge, crumbled Oreo cookies). There wasn’t a morsel left of any of it!

It was truly tons of fun. And good thing we had it at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend – before everyone was partied out, sick and tired of eating, drinking and visiting. Try to entertain during “dead” periods or at the very beginning of a busy social calendar season (ie. NOT New Year’s Eve).

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