Hotel Savings

le square phillipsWe’re going to visit my brother in Newfoundland and, on the way home, stop in Montréal! My brother has tons of points on Aeroplan (sort a Canadian version of United Miles) and has arranged for our flights AND our hotel in St. John’s.


So, I’m busily trying to figure out things to do (I don’t want to leave him to have to make all the plans) and get the Montréal portion of our trip planned. I just booked a hotel yesterday. I had just received an email from Orbitz with a promo code to save 15%. That amounted to a $150 savings. I also remembered to access Orbitz via TOPCASHBACK, which should result in an additional 7.25% savings of around $70.

Works for me!

I made sure to book a reservation that can be cancelled, just in case I find something more appealing. I just picked up some travel guides from the library and may get some good insights from them. But, at least I know that we’ve got a hotel. Montréal is a popular tourist destination and I didn’t want to wait and find myself scrambling for a room.

Planning a trip is half the fun! And, we wouldn’t be going if it wasn’t for Robert’s generosity because going on a trip is expensive!!

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